Month: August 2013

Penne with Butternut Squash, Pesto and Almonds

About a month ago I posted a recipe for Pesto Sauce that is simple and a great use for all the basil that’s coming up in our garden. The recent […]

Oat Bran Muffins

Today is the 21st wedding anniversary for my husband and me so I thought I’d share the flower bouquet he picked and designed for me this morning. He used to […]

Moroccan Stew

We’ve been harvesting a lot of green beans and zucchini lately. Some of the green beans are made into dilly beans which are wonderful on an appetizer tray but most […]

Places to sip vino in Vancouver

Vancouver boasts some nice places to enjoy good wine but some of them are a bit sleepy when I’m there which makes me think people just don’t go off the […]

Enjoying wine in moderation

I haven’t written about wine in a long time which is a sad fact since this blog is entitled ‘Corks and Forks’. A question that sometimes comes to mind is […]

Tuna casserole with salmon and rice

Back in February of 2000 I left my job as an Account Executive for Hilton Hotels to be a stay-at-home. I spent a great deal of time that year teaching […]

Pound cake and a clam shell rant

I’m very frustrated with the fact that plastic clam shells are no longer recyclable in the Vancouver/Portland area. More specifically, I’m frustrated with the fact that there is no longer […]

Chickpea and Black Bean Salad

Did anyone see the incredible lightning storm last night? We were coming home from Charlie’s Bistro after another fantastic Boy and Bean music set and strikes lit up the sky […]

Bread and butter pickles

Canning is a natural extension of the results of a successful summer garden. One of the wonderful things about ‘natural, local and sustainable’ being embraced by so many restaurants is […]

Salmon and Pasta Salad

With temperatures staying consistently at 80 degrees and above for the next several days, I think a cold pasta salad is in order. There are so many to choose from […]

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