Month: October 2013

Wrestlers worth a look….

First off, happy Halloween to all of you. Whatever your plans are stay safe, be smart and enjoy the day!!! The rain outside reminds me of the changing of the […]

Lopsides games from a former coaches’ perspective…

I have three inspirations for my blog this week – one is the excellent article written by Paul Valencia outlining the similarities between success and income for area high school […]

Is a sports team’s nickname offensive? You make the call….literally.

There’s been a lot of press over the past few years regarding the nicknames of sports teams.  National sportscaster Bob Costas last Sunday gave his two cents on the whole […]

Ducks/Huskies football rivalry 2013 – the good, the bad, the ugly and the prediction (and all aren’t what you think)

One of my favorite sports is college football and the reason for that is the rivalries and passionate fan bases that you see all across the country. And one of […]

Toeing the line on high school boundary exceptions

I am the parent of an eighth-grader in the Evergreen School District. While it’s always best to “stay in the moment” when it comes to their education one can’t help […]

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