Benny_2590He crouches, he slithers—and he pounces! My kitten Benny is pursuing an invisible enemy, known only to him. I find I’m smiling and laughing at his antics and his unending amount of energy. I can tell that he imagines himself as a lion or tiger stalking an antelope or other game.

Play time is necessary for a cat and especially for a kitten. Their play helps them develop their skills for being stealthy, seeking and pouncing on a target and gaining confidence in their abilities. Play time is especially important if your kitty is an indoor kitty. If you do not have another cat or kitten to be a playmate, the task is up to you to provide kitty’s entertainment.

When I play with my cat and he grows tired, I know that he will be calmer and won’t look for something to destroy because he is bored. It is a healthy way for him to release negative energy, plus it strengthens the bond between you and your cat. Two or more play sessions a day are advisable.

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, you might consider getting two because of the energy level. Kittens need much more play than most people are able or willing to give them. Consider adopting a couple of theseDolly_5090 adorable fur balls from one of our local adoption agencies. Kitten season runs from early spring into fall, and that is when the shelters have the highest amount of kittens. Talk to the good folks at Furry Friends about adopting two kittens. Check out Furry Friends web site to see what kittens they are offering


Nomi Berger

Nomi Berger

Nomi Berger is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA. For more information about Furry Friends visit or contact them at or (360) 993-1097

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