Heathen Brewing and Northwest Liquid Gold partner for pale ale

Here’s some news from Sunny Parsons, owner of Heathen Brewing at 5612 NE 119th St. in Vancouver:


Heathen Brewing just released a new beer called “Heathen’s Gold Pale Ale” that was brewed with the help of Pete and Cindy from Northwest Liquid Gold (11202 N.E. Fourth Plain Rd.).

The beer is on tap at Northwest Liquid Gold, A Beer at a Time (2926 E Street, Washougal), Kiggins Theater (1101 Main St.) and Brickhouse Bar and Grill (109 West 15th St.).

Heathen is also working on a “Fresh Blackberry Heathenweizen” that should be ready around July 11th, Parsons said.

Besides that, the company is in the final stages of interviewing Oregon State University brewery program students for its summer intern position.

And Heathen is working on on a joint venture to transform a 1956 GMC 1,000 gallon capacity firefighting truck into a portable kegerator.

The company is increasing production and a lineup of Heathen’s beers should be available in bottles by November, Parsons said.

Here’s a little inside baseball information from Parsons about the new system:

“We have expanded to a new 20 bbl uni-tank that just bumped our production abilities from 400 bbls a year to 1,000. Any our second 20 bbl is anticipated to be delivered in September of this year and that will bump our production abilities up to 1,400 bbls a year. 1,400 bbls = 43,400 gallons = 2,800 1/2 bbl kegs = 462,933 each 12 oz bottles of beer.”

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