Common Core Becoming Toxic for Politicians


Huckabee steps back from Common Core

It’s not surprising to see that former supporters of Common Core are now running from the controversial standards the same way democrats are bailing from Obamacare.  After all, the way both of these programs were brought into being was through slight of hand, back door deals, and half truths if not outright lies. Special interests were key in springing these programs on the public and the propaganda machine behind them would make the Russian state media proud. Fortunately, the light of day has began to fall on these programs and people are finding out they were sold a bill of goods that they don’t want.

“If you want your school system you can keep it” 

The fear that Common Core might limit local control was dismissed by supporters but that is exactly what national standards do.  Local districts and even states have no meaningful say about what is in the standards and many parents are finding that they aren’t happy with the changes that are being made.  Many states jumped on the Common Core band wagon before the standards were even written. Now, like Obamacare, they are finding that you had to adopt the standards in order to know what was in them. The public is also just learning that, like Obamacare, the Common Core standards require the collection of a massive amount of private information which is alarming to many. Controversy is breaking out all over and many former supporters are now running for the hills.

Core Concerns

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Common Core Roots?


Bob Dean

Bob Dean

Former Math Educator

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