Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach

We flew into San Diego and over the original Dog Beach, the first leash-free beach in America. From the air, you can see huge dog paw prints from sidewalk to sand, surrounded by palm trees. All over those big cement paws, you can see a sea of “ants” –  dogs, dog people surfers and swimmers of all species — sharing this magical Mecca of sand and sea.

Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach  Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach  Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach

I couldn’t wait to get my paws on Dog Beach. I am Doodle, a Vancouver doxie, just coming of age, just learning to surf.

Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach    Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach.

The original Dog Beach is the first stop – our family’s original home beach, and where our legacy lives on in bronze. This is where my namesakes Howdy Doody and Dude caught their first waves. Grandpa Howdy was one of the original surf hounds 20 years ago and helped transform Dog Beach into the remarkable place it is today. As fourth generation Ayers family surf hound, it’s time for me to step up to the nose of the board and carry on the tradition of our non-traditional surf species.

Next stop, in one of the last true beach towns of SoCal, is, of course, getting a custom made dinky doxie wetsuit at Surf ‘n Sea in Ocean Beach. Where they hand made my All American Doodle dandy logo in neoprene.

Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach   Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach

And now we’re off on a surfing safari – to a secret spot – hours from the coast, on an inland river in the middle of the California/Arizona desert. There, like here in the Couv, a historic river forms the state boundary, then leaves the US for another country. In this case, Mexico, all the way at the other end of I-5.

Next, you’ll be on board for my first surf dog rides on the Colorado River! I have one of those GoPro waterproof cameras – so stay tuned to this dog blog.

–       Barb Ayers, surf dog mom

Barb Ayers

Surf dog mom who raised four generations of non traditional surf hounds – currently hangs 70 with three dogs – a surf doxie, a surf basset and a blind surf beagle. 20 years in non profit marketing, TV and newspapers and PR Manager, World Famous San Diego Zoo for 13 years. Now serves as Communications Manager for City of Vancouver, WA. Six time Emmy award winner as a writer, producer and art director.

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