Spring Snow Good Reminder to Stay Focused Behind the Wheel

The spring snow fall and subsequent melt this week is a good reminder that even though the weather is beginning to improve we still need to remain focused behind the wheel.

As the flowers bloom and spring showers settle in do not forget that those wet roads can be just as slippery as the ice covered roads we dealt with right before spring break.

Before you hit the road this spring here are a few tips to help ensure a safe journey to your favorite locations:

Do not use cruise control during heavy rains or hail. Cruise control in areas of low traction can lead to hydroplaning, it also allows you to move your feet away from the pedals creating a longer reaction time in an emergency situation.

Replace those worn wiper blades. The better your visibility the better prepared you are to see everything that happens on the road in front of you. In a wet climate like this it is advisable to replace your blades at least once a year.

Clean the windows and check all the lights. Rain, snow and grime can build a residue on your car’s windows. Cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows will improve visibility and allow your wipers and defrost to operate efficiently. Also, be sure to check ALL the lights on your vehicle and keep the lens covers clean. Your lights not only help you see but help other motorists see you when visibility is limited.

Finally, watch your speed and always follow at a safe distance. Taking the time to follow these steps today will hopefully keep you out of harm’s way tomorrow.

For more auto safety tips visit: http://learningcenter.statefarm.com/auto/safety/

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