Home Prep for Spring Storms

We’ve had a great start to the Spring season, but do not let that fool you. Mother Nature is fickle this time of year. Take time now to prepare your home for Spring’s severe weather with these tips:

Let Water Flow: Clean gutters allow heavy rains to flow easily off the roof and away from your home. Add extensions to your downspouts if necessary to keep water from flooding your foundation.

Trim Back the Limbs: Trim limbs and branches back so they do not break during high winds damaging your home or power lines.

Check your Pump: Make sure your sump pump is clear of debris and operable. Consider a battery back-up if the power goes out.

Stow your Stuff: One of the simplest things you can do is stow the items in your yard. Make sure patio furniture is secure as well as yard decorations. This is also a good time to keep your trash cans in the garage.

Set your Emergency Kit: While you are at it, go ahead and set up an emergency kit. Be sure to include items like a flashlight, radio, water, canned food, blankets and extra batteries. FEMA offers lists of additional emergency supplies, and you can learn more about preparing for storms from State Farm.

If you have questions about insurance coverage in relation to Spring storms contact your local agent for more information.

Spring storms come up quick and can pack a punch.

Brad Hilliard

Public Affairs Specialist for State Farm, looking to keep you prepared for life’s challenges. Questions? Email or call: Brad.Hilliard.jcmh@statefarm.com or 503-463-3893.

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