Month: February 2014

Don’t Laugh At The Calve

Okay, so it's a play with words.  The "calves" I'm speaking of are not of the bovine variety.  In fact they reside on that lower portion of the leg below […]

The Peril of Eating to Perfection

It's called "Orthorexia" - an eating disorder marked by such an acutely perfectionist approach to eating, that those who suffer from if are often socially isolated and ironically, can result […]

Make sure fitness comparisons are realistic

Several years ago, I remember smiling when I read the wording on a guys T-shirt that said, “The older I get, and the better I was.” Lately, this humorous adage […]

Working Against Nausea When Fitness Training

There have been very few fitness enthusiasts who at one time or another didn't experience nausea during or after their workouts. This event can pose as a major inconvenience as it […]

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