With some Irish dancing, Auditor Greg Kimsey prepares for 2022

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey after being sworn in for his fifth term.

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey after being sworn in for his fifth term.

Didn’t we just have an election for county offices? It sure feels like we did.

Yet somehow one of the first emails in my inbox that greeted me this morning contained the subject line: “Annual RE-Elect Kimsey ‘Pre-St. Paddy’s Day’ fundraiser Thursday March 14th.”

The email seemed to be a campaign kick-off event for Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey, who was re-elected to his sixth four-year term in last November’s election with 96.5 percent of the vote.

Is Kimsey really thinking about reelection already? Kimsey responded with a one-word email: “Yep.”

With his next race on his mind, Kimsey will be holding a fundraising event at 5:30 p.m., March 14 at Club Green Meadows.  According to the email, this will be Kimsey’s 19th annual “Pre-St. Paddy’s Day” fundraiser and will feature the Molly Malone Irish Dancers. More information can be found here.

Kimsey hasn’t faced an opponent since 2002. Despite not facing an opponent in last year’s election, Kimsey still raised $53,045 in campaign contributions. By contrast, Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik, who also faced no opponent, raised $3,768. Sheriff Chuck Atkins, also unopposed, raised $2,047. Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring, who faced a competitive race, raised $52,284.

While Kimsey spent $24,250 from his war chest, filings show he tucked away $21,383 into a surplus account, which can be used for future campaigns. PDC filings also show that Kimsey has already filed for his 2022 reelection and has raised $8,499.

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