Topper selected as property tax manager in Clark County

Alishia Topper is expanding her duties to the county government level. Selected by Doug Lasher, treasurer of Clark County, Topper will be the next tax services manager for the county. She’ll be in charge of the collecting of $605 million in property taxes, and she’ll manage 13 employees.

Alishia Topper

Alishia Topper

Here’s the press release announcing the decision:

Vancouver, Wash. – Alishia Topper has been tapped as Clark County’s tax services manager, overseeing the billing and collection of all local property taxes, special assessments and other local taxes and fees.

Announcing Topper’s appointment, Treasurer Doug Lasher said her demonstrated ability as the deputy tax services manager earlier this year made her the best candidate for the job.

“Alishia brings a strong set of skills and experience that will help Clark County continue to provide excellence in public service,” Lasher said. “She will not miss a beat in her permanent role.”

Topper will oversee a section of the Treasurer’s Office that bills for and collects $605 million in property taxes, $10.7 million in special assessments and $81.5 million in excise taxes.

“I’m eager to put my professional experience and educational background to work for all of Clark County,” said Topper. “Being a strong steward of the public’s trust is a top priority for me, and there is no better way to fulfill that goal than accurate, efficient stewardship of citizen’s tax dollars.”

The tax services section supports three primary tax service programs:

* Customer Service and Joint Lobby, which helps customers in person, on the phone, and online, process payments and provides other services for the Treasurer’s, Assessor’s and Auditor’s offices. The lobby serves nearly 40,000 walk-in customers, 18,000 telephone callers and thousands of online customers each year.
* Remittance Center, which operates high-speed mail opening and remittance imaging software and hardware to process check payments and coupons for 12 local jurisdictions, processing 2.9 million checks and remittances annually.
* Delinquent collections program, which tracks, reports and collects delinquent property taxes, gambling taxes, and other assessments and fees owed the county and other taxing districts.

In her new position, Topper will be a member of the Treasurer’s Office’s senior leadership team and manage 13 employees.

Prior to joining Clark County, Topper was director of strategic partnership for Vancouver Public Schools. She earned a Master of Public Administration at Portland State University and two undergraduate degrees from Washington State University.

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