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Tanner Martin backs Chuck Green in District 2

Tanner Martin, who lost in his bid for Clark County council District 2, has backed Democrat Chuck Green’s campaign. Martin ran with no party affiliation, but has said nothing but kind […]

Final bit of Clark County Council fact-checking

If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet—and let’s face it, with a voter turnout hovering around 15 percent, you probably haven’t—here’s the last slew of candidates whose campaign fliers […]

Life Pac surveys candidates on abortion, weed, porn in libraries

There’s some very interesting reading to be had in Life Pac’s survey of local candidates. Life Pac is an organization that sends surveys to local candidates—from school boards to the county […]

Environmental Services will see a new face

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the new code enforcement officer for quarries falling to the Department of Environmental Services? Turns out it will be in DES. Last we […]

Madore misses the mark on “hate speech”

Clark County Councilor David Madore has the occasional habit of providing a definition to make a point, so let me take a page from his book. Hate speech is any way […]

No “mini-reporting” for Councilor Jeanne Stewart

Clark County Councilor Jeanne Stewart is backing away from the restriction—though not the sentiment—of running a campaign on a shoestring budget. When Stewart announced her candidacy for Clark County chair, she […]

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