Ron Paul wins…the write-in count in Clark County

It’s a runaway victory for Ron Paul in the Clark County Elections Department’s count of write-in candidates for president.

Paul’s name, or a variation on the spelling of his name, was the write-in choice of 721 voters in the November general election.

Of the 193,502 folks in the county who cast a ballot in the election, 1,371 choose ‘none of the above’ when it came to president, opting instead for a write-in option.

I originally asked for the write-ins for the Clark County commissioner races. But the county doesn’t write those names out for posterity, instead tallying them simply under “write-in.”

But they do write them out for president and governor.

Some voters appear not to have taken the election very seriously. Others went with their political gut, choosing a candidate who didn’t receive the nod of a major party.

Ron Paul took the write-in count in a runaway. He’s the only one to get three figures worth of votes.

Hillary Clinton comes in second with 40 votes.

And in third place is Jesus Christ, who took 19 votes through write-in. God received two votes.

Below is a quick count I did of some of the more interesting names I pulled from the write-in list. I grouped together misspelled and oddly written names. Also, in the event of a two-candidate ticket, I used the first listed name as the primary vote getter.

Numbers next to the name indicate the amount of votes. No number means they received just a single vote.

If you want to do your own count, here is a link to the list.

Former presidents/former candidates/potential candidates

Abraham Lincoln (2)
Bill Clinton (8)
Chris Christie (3)
Colin Powell (8)
Dennis Kucinich (3)
Dick Cheney
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush (2)
George Washington
H. Ross Perot (9)
Herman Cain
Jimmy Carter
Joe Biden
John McCain (2)
Jon Huntsman (2)
Mike Huckabee (4)
Newt Gingrich (5)
Ralph Nader (7)
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum (10)
Sarah Palin (8)

Politicos and pundits

Ann Coulter
Donald Trump (10)
Jesse Ventura (5)
Joe Arpaio
Kim Jong Yun (I think this is an uncommon spelling of North Korea’s leader)
Vermin Supreme (3)

Songwriters, celebrities and other famous folk

Alice Cooper
Bill Cosby
Bill Gates (2)
Billy Dee Williams
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Howard Stern
Hunter S. Thompson
Johnny Depp
Jon Stewart (2)
Joss Whedon
Les Claypool
Louie C.K.
Lionel Messi
Mike Krzyzewski
Oprah Winfrey
Roseanne Cherri Barr (15)
Russell Wilson
Stephen Colbert (6)
Ted Nugent (6)
Willie Nelson (5)

People who have never existed in real life

Alfred E. Newman (2)
Batman (3)
Big Bird (5)
Bob The Builder
Boba Fett
Boris + Natasha
Charlie Brown
Daffy Duck
Darth Sidious
Dath Vader (2)
Donald Duck (2)
Elmer Fudd
Mickey Mouse (7)
Minnie Mouse
Mr. Ed
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Porky Pig
Puddles, The Oregon Duck (2)
Santa Claus
Snoopy (2)
Wile E. Coyote
Winnie the Pooh
Yosemite Sam

Not even a fake person

Star Wars


Neil deGrasse Tyson (3)

I don’t even know what category this goes in

Keyboard Cat
Lou Brancaccio


There’s the ticket, right there.

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle covers Clark County government for The Columbian. He can be followed on facebook at, on Twitter at @col_clarkgov or contacted by email at

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