Mrs. Benton nowhere to be found


Mary Benton, courtesy of her Facebook page

Where in the world is Mary Benton?

Benton, wife to Environmental Services Director Don Benton, claims on her website to be running a “no-negativity” campaign for Clark County council District 2, though it looks more like she’s running a “no-show” campaign.

Benton, a Republican, did not attend our editorial board meeting with the rest of the District 2 candidates. She has not returned a single one of my phone calls or emails. That doesn’t particularly surprise me, given how rare it is that her husband will talk to us. I think I can probably guess what the Benton household thinks of The Columbian.

But she didn’t show up to CVTV’s interviews of the candidates either, and she hasn’t indicated she’s attending a debate with the Fairgrounds Neighborhood Association. She also hasn’t responded to requests to attend the League of Women Voters forum later this month.

It’s hard to imagine Benton, whose signs are dotting the countryside all over District 2, picking up a large enough chunk of the votes on name recognition alone to go on to the general election. Though you never know.

In the meantime, I’m going to justify Benton’s silence by pretending she’s gallivanting with a sign crew somewhere, wearing a fabulous red trench coat and wide-brimmed hat.

If you want to know what the other four District 2 candidates—Julie Olson, Republican, Tanner Martin, Independent, Chuck Green, Democrat, and Mike Pond, Democrat—have to say check out my story from Tuesday and watch the full discussion here. 

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

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