Gov. Jay Inslee loves electric cars.

Earlier this month, I asked Inslee how he squared his commitment to combating climate change with his support for replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge.

It seemed like a fair question, given that climate change activists are boiling over at the Oregon Department of Transportation’s plan to add auxiliary lanes to a short section of Interstate 5 by the Rose Quarter.

Inslee responded by talking about “tremendous opportunities to electrify our transportation system.”

In short, Inslee envisions a future where, to riff off a 1982 line from Ronald Reagan, gas-powered internal-combustion vehicles have been relegated to the ash heap of history.

Not only does the governor put high hopes for the future in electric cars, trucks and buses, he also is fond of talking about his own ride.

“I am driving an electric little General Motors Bolt, made by American workers,” Inslee said. “Gets over a 200-mile range. It’s safe, it’s quiet, it’s fun to drive, it’s fast, although I am always under the speed limit, of course.”

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