Councilor’s wife commandeers his Facebook page

I was scrolling through the comments section on my story today about how Vancouver needs money for its streets, amused by the fact Councilor Jack Burkman was trying to patiently explain to commenters how ┬ámunicipal government works — or something, I wasn’t reading too closely, especially after I saw Burkman explaining points that I’d included in my Sunday story — when I saw this post:


Other people responded to (what they understandably believed to be) Councilor Turlay’s post. Douglas Green pointed out to the CRC opponent that he now seemed to be making the case for bridge tolls with the “no free rides” line. Joshua Egan wondered why he’s bringing up the Affordable Care Act on a story about street funding. Then, from Don Joling, “Seriously Bill, The Bicyclists don’t pay taxes argument again? I have 2 SUV’s that I have to pay extra for the tabs for. And I have bikes. Most cyclists have cars too. So while we pay gas tax, tabs etc, BUT ride our bikes, we actually contribute the same as you (in my case, probably more), yet cause no deterioration to the streets at all while on our bikes. None. You should want more of us.”

I’m not sure when Councilor Turlay saw the posting, but not long after his wife posted, he felt the need to clear his name.


Aw, poor Bill. That must have been frustrating. I suspect he didn’t log out of Facebook, and Stephanie didn’t realize she was posting as him.

Here’s the complete exchange.


Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

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