Charter advocate gives council mediocre grades

Clark County District 2 council candidate Chuck Green, a Democrat, had words to share with the council Tuesday evening.

Green, who advocated for the home rule charter last year, presented what he’s calling a “Clark County Home Rule Charter Report Card.” I would have cried if I ever got grades like this in school. The grading was based on “quantity, quality and relationships,” according to the report card, but beyond that I’m not entirely sure what criteria Green used. Many of these are, however, concerns I’ve heard from local politics buffs, all of whom need some more relaxing hobbies.

I'm also skeptical that Green just had these professional photos just on hand, but to be fair I didn't ask.

Chuck Green, council candidate

I’ll let the report speak for itself. Here I’ve broken it down with Green’s comments, as well as what sections of the charter he’s referring to where appropriate. The full report is also attached if that’s easier.


Charter Implementation Work Plan: Incomplete

What Green says: “Council seems to be distracted into spending more time on other subjects rather than focusing on implementation of the Charter, including an attempt to codify the organization of administrative departments, two attempts at posting a motto in the hearing room, and debating what font to put on the hearing room wall.”

Separation of Powers: D-

What the charter says: “On January 1, 2015, the effective date of this charter, the legislative and executive powers shall be separated into two (2) branches of government. Each branch is to dutifully fulfill its responsibilities, and shall not extend its authority into the other branch, as defined in this charter.”

What Green says: “The separation of powers provision in the Charter is not being respected, with a Councilor inserting a new Comprehensive Plan alternative without involvement of appropriate staff and uploading files to ‘The Grid’ without appropriate approvals.”

“Despite clear separation of powers between Executive and Legislative branches, there is still evidence that council members are meeting directly with county staff (Comprehensive Plan) without notification of, and authorization from, the Acting County Manager.”

County Code Revisions: Needs improvement

What the charter says: “On or about December 31, 2015, the prosecuting attorney shall propose amendments to the Clark County Code that are necessary to make code consistent with this charter.”

Code amendments to incorporate new rights of initiative and referendum: F

What the charter says: “The people of Clark County reserve the power to make certain proposals at their option and to approve or reject them at the polls, independent of the council.”

Appointments to Boards and Commissions: C

What the charter says: “(The council shall) have concurrent authority with the county manager to nominate members to the following boards and commissions. Members are appointed by the council:

1. Clark County planning commission.
2. Clark County historic preservation commission.
3. Board of equalization of assessment.”

What Green says: While the Councilors have made a number of appointments to Boards and Commissions, there were still 18 vacancies left to be filled as of March 1, 2015.

Preparation for two new councilors: Incomplete

What Green says: “Other than a retreat in January 2015, there is no formal work plan in place to prepare for and implement Charter provisions during 2015, including space remodeling to accommodate two new councilors in 2016.”

Appointment of Acting County Manager: A-


If you’re wondering if the council took Green’s criticism to heart, don’t count on it. The only comment I’ve heard on the report card is from Councilor David Madore, who said during the council’s board time Green presented nothing more than “nonsense charges.” What do you think?

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

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