A neighborhood association’s disowning comes up at county council

When it’s time for open public comment period at the Clark County Council’s Tuesday evening hearings, councilors typically just listen and avoid getting into a back-and-forth with people who show up to speak. 

But when talk of a disowned neighborhood association and retaliation by the county came up, council Chair Eileen Quiring had to respond. 

During the public comment period, Proebstel resident Gregory Shaw offered a dense and long-winded remark about mining at Livingston Mountain Quarry, the state’s scientific school trust and what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall had to say about whether gravel is a mineral. 

Shaw also told the council that he had been in Olympia earlier that day to make similar remarks to Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and the Board of Natural Resources. He also said that he told Franz about how the Proebstel Neighborhood Association has been kicked out of the Clark County Neighborhood Association program. 

Last month, Clark County Manager Shawn Henessee removed the association from the program alleging it had improper bylaws, engaged in “hostile behavior toward county staff” and attempted to use taxpayer funds to lobby the Department of Natural Resources.  

“I informed Commissioner Franz and the Board of Natural Resources that our Proebstel Neighborhood Association had been dissociated from Clark County government, partly in retaliation for previous testimony in Olympia by members of the Proebstel board,” said Shaw. 

He said that members of the Board of Natural Resources reacted with concern. At the end of his remarks, Shaw said that the Proebstel Neighborhood Association would be holding a meeting on Sept. 9. 

As he got up to leave, Quiring responded.

“I can’t let it go with you saying that anything was done in retaliation for anything,” said Quiring. “We have rules and regulations that need to be followed.”

She further stated that because the Proebstel Neighborhood Association had been dissociated there shouldn’t be a meeting. 

“You are no longer in existence, therefore there shouldn’t be a meeting on the 9th,” said Quiring. 

“I now need to correct you,” responded Shaw. 

“No, no, no,” Quiring shot back. “You do not need to correct me.”

Shaw explained that association is not meeting under the auspices of the county but was still meeting. 

Quiring responded with, “Okay.”

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