It’s Showtime Weather Friends!

This is the moment that all of the local weather guys and gals drool over! The “BIG” 19th Annual Winter Weather Forecast Conference is this coming Saturday (Oct 29th at 10am) at OMSI in Portland. This is our premier event of the year for the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). What will the winter bring? Snow in Portland? A big windstorm? Dry and warm? This conference is open to the general public and is free! Some lucky person is going to hit the mother load when they win a $300 Davis weather station that we will be raffling off!

I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend. It is always fun to get all the weather folks (TV folks as well) in the same room. A real weather geek-fest for sure! If you can not get a seat (first come, first served) at the morning session, please consider coming to the afternoon session. There are some great speakers lined up for that timeslot (1-3pm) as well. PhD candidate Wolf Read will be talking windstorms, Chuck Wiese will be talking about an alternative view to the causes of Climate Change, the National Weather Service will be talking about the brand new radar located on the Washington Coast and much more! Here are all of the details and the order that everyone will be speaking:

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