“Fest” Forecast = HOT!

It is time to address something “VERY” important (pun intended)! The 2011 “FEST” forecast for this coming weekend’s 40th annual Vancouver Sausage Festival! Here is the forecast in one word — HOT! Temperatures will be in the 90’s from today through the weekend. Expect three things if you attend this years fest; 1. Potentially the hottest weather of any of the past 40 festivals. 2. Plenty of good friends. 3. Plenty of cold beverages in the fest garden each night beginning Friday.

After just two days at or above 90 degrees this entire summer at the Portland International Airport, many areas of western Oregon and southwest Washington are going to get a taste of true summer weather this week. Nature’s oven will be cranking up the heat for the rest of this week and likely into the weekend. A ridge of high pressure will anchor itself over the west on Tuesday, building into the Pacific Northwest by Wednesday and remaining in place through the weekend. Daytime high temperatures across the Portland metro area will likely reach 90 degrees or higher beginning Wednesday and could remain there through Saturday. As winds switch to the east on Wednesday, smoke from area wild fires will likely be pushed into the valley areas once again. Portland has a good shot at seeing anywhere from three to four days in a row at or above 90 degrees beginning Wednesday. If Portland experiences four or more consecutive days at or above 90 degrees in the month of September, it will indeed be a rare occurrence.”

Here are some September temperature facts for the Portland International Airport (1940-2011) —

  • Record number of consecutive September days at or above 90 degrees = 6 days, set in 1974.
  • Record number of 90 degree or higher days during the entire month of September = 8 days set in 1974.
  • Highest temperature ever recorded in the month of September = 105 degrees, set on September 2nd 1988.

Here are the record high temperatures for the next few days at the Portland International Airport (1940-2011). At this point, Thursday appears to have the best chance of reaching or surpassing a daily record —

Tuesday – 97 degrees set in 1958
Wednesday – 99 degrees set in 1981
Thursday – 93 degrees set in 1993
Friday – 94 degrees set in 1948
Saturday – 95 degrees set in 1973
Sunday – 94 degrees set in 2009

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Stay tuned!
Steve Pierce

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