Steve Pierce’s Weather Blog Is Here!

I would like to take a quick moment and welcome everyone to the “NEW” Steve Pierce Weather Blog, hosted by the Columbian! This will be a great place to discuss local weather that impacts our lives on a daily basis. Please feel free to read my bio located at: Steve Pierce Bio and get familiar with what I will bring to this blog. I am honored for the opportunity to showcase my meterological skills for all of you out there who share an interest in weather, no matter what your skill level. Please check back often for updates. If the weather is making headlines, we will be talking about it here. In fact, we will likely be talking about it long before it makes headlines elsewhere. Readers of this blog will always be one step ahead of the next storm and have all the latest stats after the storm has passed! That is my personal commitment. However, this blog will only be as good as the people who post on it. So, please help spread the word about the “NEW” Steve Pierce Weather Blog, hosted by the Columbian via social media, e-mail, etc. Let’s get the word out there and start talking weather! Together we will make this the best weather blog in the Pacific Northwest!

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Stay tuned!


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