Been another busy week…

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For those of you who don’t know it – we’re doing some great things in our ‘digital services’ group at The Columbian, where we are making a serious push to get clients signed for websites, mobile websites, SEO and video production.

We had a consultant come in and aid/assist us in selling a package of services which included:

The outcome of these package sales have been astounding! (Big kudos to our sales team, who has been working hard to make sure that our customers are set up properly, and they are being treated very well. Hat’s off to them.

In the past two weeks – i’ve been developing/designing 15 different mobile sites – along with 4 full websites simultaneously, and handling SEO accounts for a growing list of companies. ¬†With all of that on my plate, I had to stop and take a couple minutes to write a quick blog post here – to let you know that with all of this going on – we still have time available to take on your project!

The growth is astounding, but we are pushing to keep the momentum going. ¬†Stay tuned for a BIG announcement, as we’re crafting a fun project that we’ll be rolling out in the next month!

While you’re waiting for the next “Tech-Nickel” post – check me out on Twitter @fivecents_nick – for some good tips to help your business grow, while remaining on a “shoestring” budget!

Nick LaBrant

Nick LaBrant

Right now, Nick is probably neck-deep in website development, learning more about Wordpress, and scribbling down his next "Tech Nickel" post. Feel free to contact him with any questions you might have - and he'll do his best to get you an answer!

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