USC has a job opening. Are you qualified?

As you may have heard, USC has a job opening for its head football coach. But as Tailgate Talk has uncovered, football coaching skills aren't exactly a job requirement. (click […]

Popcorn guy: One bright spot in WSU loss to Stanford

There wasn't much for Coug fans to cheer about in WSU's 55-17 loss to Stanford. For the rest of us, this is definitely something to applaud. Read more by clicking here. […]

Hold on Cougs, your kingdom will come

By this time next year, Washington State will have its new football center. This year, however, might be a little rough. Friday, the Cougars opened fall practice at Sacajawea Junior High […]

Morning Buzz: Espresso shots for your football fandom

A regular feature of Tailgate Talk will be Morning Buzz, a name inspired by the author's unquenchable love of any caffeinated drink ... except for energy drinks. Those things are […]

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