Party foul? Oregon WR slams NCAA on Twitter

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Josh Huff isn’t happy with the NCAA.
The Oregon receiver went on a mini Twitter rant Thursday. Evidently, he spent $1,500 to rent a venue for “Josh Huff’s Official 22nd Birthday Bash” this weekend. Fliers were made advertising the party and the cover charge ($5 for ladies, $8 for guys).

That’s when those pesky NCAA rules got in the way. We’re assuming the UO compliance office told Huff he can’t use his likeness to advertise an event that people pay money to attend.

After canceling the party, Huff vented his anger in the way most young people do  … on Twitter:







Some duck fans stepped in, warning Huff that he might get in trouble ….


Huff toned down the rant, then offered sort of an apology.


Micah Rice

Micah Rice

Columbian Sports Editor Micah Rice is the author of Tailgate Talk: College football from a Clark County perspective.

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