Barking about UW helmets

Part of the fun each Saturday is seeing what uniform combination each team dons.

While Oregon is the standard bearer for unpredictable uniforms in the Pac-12, the Huskies have had their share of combinations. Who remembers the purple helmets of the Jim Lambright era? (bad) …


Or the patriotic helmets worn on Sept. 11, 2011? (Classy)


Well, the Huskies will have some version of a white helmet for Saturday’s game against Illinois at Soldier Field in Chicago. But those eagle-eyed Dawg fans pounced on those picture of John Ross with a helmet that (gasp!) doesn’t have the purple “W”.


Those in the know are trying to keep Husky fans from jumping off the Montlake Bridge, figuratively of course.

Don’t worry. It seems that every time Washington unveils a new uniform, they go back to the classic gold and purple (accompanied by much fanfare about tradition). I think I see a pattern.

Micah Rice

Micah Rice

Columbian Sports Editor Micah Rice is the author of Tailgate Talk: College football from a Clark County perspective.

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