The Lone Star

Hello again! I’m sorry about my depressing post last time. Anyway, this time I’m happy because I’m going to Texas! El Paso, Texas, is where I grew up and was born, and I’m going back to visit my family up there. There’s really no reason to be sad about it, but who knows what’ll happen in two days time. School’s almost here and I thought it best to end the year with a big trip to Texas for a week. I’m really excited!!! I have go back to packing, so await a blog when I return on the 17th.



I'm a 13-year old girl that prefers to spend her days playing video games, watching cartoons, drawing, and doing martial arts over sports. My name is Kaitlyn Segura and I am a Blue belt in karate. I've been doing karate for eight years now and have become an expert in the arts of both sword fighting with double and single blades and hand to hand combat. I was inspired to do this activity while watching "Enter the Dragon" starring Bruce Lee. I wanted to become like him, and become a Black belt. I can proudly say that I am almost there.

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