Harvest Pear Crisp is a delicious and easy way to use up ripening pears.  The crumbly streusel topping makes it perfect for fall evening.

*You’ll see the crisp in an 8×8 pan in the photo.  If I made it again I would suggest 9×13.  The recipe will reflect using a 9×13 pan.


Harvest Pear Crisp

Makes 12 servings


Pear Filling

  • 6 C ripe pears (Bartlett or Anjou), cored, peeled and cut
  • 1 T fresh lemon juice
  • 1/3 C sugar
  • 1 T cornstarch
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • 1/8 t nutmeg

Streusel Topping

  • 1/3 C flour
  • 1/2 C dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 4 T butter, chilled and cut into pieces
  • 1/3 C regular oats
  • 1/4 C chopped pecans or walnuts


Heat oven to 375.

Combine pears and lemon juice in large bowl.  Toss gently to coat.  Mix sugar, cornstarch, 1 t cinnamon and nutmeg in a small bowl.  Add to pears and stir gently until mixed. Transfer to baking pan.

Add flour, brown, sugar, 1/2 t cinnamon, salt, oats and butter to a mixing bowl.  Use a pastry cutter or fork to cut together until the topping resembles coarse crumbs.  Add walnuts or pecans.  Sprinkle evenly over pears.

Bake for 35-40 minutes until pears are tender and bubbling and the topping is golden.  Cool then serve warm.

Modified from “Harvest Pear Crisp,”


Anna Lookingbill

Anna Lookingbill

I'm a self-taught Betty Crocker. Food should be pretty, delicious and have sprinkles. Professionally I'm a clinical social worker. Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest- Sugar and Spice Baking Blog- for great recipes, amazing restaurants and culinary adventures.

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