Sweet Thanksgiving Turkeys (again)

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I’ve been making these adorable turkeys for years (which is why I’m posting the recipe again.  Seriously you must try this!)

Sweet Turkeys are a great place setting, garnish or decoration.  They’re fast and easy with premade ingredients glued together with frosting.  Sweet Turkeys are a great activity to keep the kids (or Thanksgiving menu micromanaging adult family members) busy while you’re getting things ready.  For all anyone with a visual learning style, here’s a diagram:

thanksgiving turkey diagram

Sweet Thanksgiving Turkeys

Makes 24 turkeys


  • 24 Reese’s peanut butter cups- regular size
  • 24 Lindor Truffles
  • 120 pieces of candy corn
  • 24 Jelly Belly beans
  • Chocolate frosting


Unwrap all candy.  Tell your husband to quit eating the truffles because you counted them.

Put a small blob of frosting on the Reese’s peanut butter cup.  This will be the base so your turkey doesn’t tip over.

Holding the truffle, put another small blob of frosting on the back.  Stick 5 pieces of candy corn to the frosting with narrow tip inwards, making a fan.  Yes 5 pieces will fit.  This is the turkey’s tail.

Carefully set the truffle on the peanut butter cup with the fan sticking up.  Readjust the feathers if needed.

Put a little more frosting the top of the truffle opposite the tail.  Stick on a Jelly Belly for the turkey’s head.

Repeat until you have 24 turkeys.  Let dry overnight.

I serve them in fancy muffin wrappers as place settings on Thanksgiving.

Original recipe- no idea!  Someone brought to a meeting many years ago and I’ve made for Thanksgiving every year since.

Anna Lookingbill

Anna Lookingbill

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