Peanut Candy Bar(f) Cookies

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I originally made Candy Bar(f) cookies at Halloween.  They were amazingly delicious and I had to make another batch.  This time I used candy containing peanuts.  They’re called Candy Bar(f) cookies because 1) they use a variety of items and 2) they look a bit like.. well you know… with the lumps of everything mixed together.  An upgrade from regular chocolate chip, Candy Bar(f) cookies are an excellent use of holiday treats when they go on clearance (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter etc).

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Peanut Candy Bar(f) Cookies

Makes 12-18 cookies depending on size


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Unwrap and coarsely chop Hersey’s Miniatures.

Quit sneaking Peanut M&Ms out of the bowl.

Make chocolate cookie recipe according to instructions.  Use a stand mixer.

Instead of chocolate chips add Peanut M&Ms and chopped Hershey’s Miniatures.  Combine.

Bake according to directions.  Feel free to strategically arrange M&M pieces on the top.

These cookies freeze well although mine never make it into the freezer…

Recipe based on “Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies,”, by ELIZABETHBH

Anna Lookingbill

Anna Lookingbill

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