Thorns are in the playoffs in inaugural season

With a win in Seattle Yesterday, the Thorns have built a bit of momentum going into the Playoffs.  But in their first year, those playoffs will be on the road.  The road to the League Title is going to go through Kansas City and Western New York.

Portland started the season hot, then cooled for a bit when the National teams made call up’s, but the arrival of Tobin Heath let them reload and the Thorns have made the final four.  We know they will be on the road, and by about 7:30 this evening, we should know where we are going.

Joseph Fleming

Joseph Fleming

Supporter of the Thorns, Timbers and Manchester City. I've been playing soccer for 30 years and coaching for 12. Coach for Washington Timbers, was a girls coach for a decade and now coach U-12 Boys. Played at Evergreen High school and Clark College. Hoping to turn this into more of a tactical discussion this year.

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