Supporter has fighting words on prosecutor candidate's FB page

There are often fighting words thrown around during election season.

One such remark, written on prosecutor candidate Tony Golik’s campaign Facebook page, crossed the line, opponent Brent Boger said.

The statement was written by one of Golik’s campaign supporters and a fellow deputy prosecuting attorney, Randy St. Clair. He wrote on Golik’s Facebook wall Wednesday: “In the USMC/gunfight metaphor terms: ‘Don’t stop until your opponent is dead and bleeding on the street.'”

Boger sent an e-mail to The Columbian saying, “I don’t take it as an actual physical threat, but it might give others ideas.”

In response, Golik said the remark was clearly a metaphor, though “I admit it wasn’t the greatest metaphor.”

Golik said he deleted the comment as soon as he was made aware of it. Earlier, a user of the campaign page commented on the remark as Golik; however, the candidate said it wasn’t him, but was a campaign supporter.

–Laura McVicker

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