Heck "mad" at Wall Street, TV ad says

Denny Heck, the Democratic candidate in the 3rd Congressional District race, began airing a TV ad Tuesday that calls for tougher regulation of Wall Street.

Heck’s campaign said the 30-second spot, which will air on stations across the district, “highlights clear distinctions in this campaign” between Heck and Republican Jaime Herrera. It also noted that Heck, a successful Olympia businessman, is the only candidate in the race who has called for comprehensive Wall Street reform.

In the ad, Heck is standing in front of Beacon Rock, looking, well, not mad, exactly, but definitely serious. “No one is doing enough to crack down on Wall Street’s bailouts and bonuses, or to stop corporations from outsourcing American jobs, or to get us off this addiction to foreign oil,” he says.

Herrera’s campaign website doesn’t directly address regulation of Wall Street, but it does criticize “the people running Washington, D.C.” for wanting the government “to take over more and more control of the economy.”

“To put politicians like Nancy Pelosi in charge of General Motors, our health care and the national banking system is to put America‚Äôs future at risk,” Herrera declares.

This is Heck’s second TV ad. A post-primary election poll commissioned by a Seattle TV station showed him trailing Herrera by a significant margin.

Kathie Durbin

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