Hansen wins Pollard's thumbs-up

Seems like Royce Pollard and Tim Leavitt can agree on at least one thing: They both think Bart Hansen should keep his newly gained spot on the Vancouver City Council.

The mayors, one former, one current, have both given their endorsements to Hansen, 35, in the last week.

Hansen’s seat at Position 4 is the only one up for grabs this fall. He was appointed by the council in January and keeps a day job as office services manager for Clark Public Utilities.

“Mr. Hansen represents the future of our city,” Pollard said in a release. “He has a young family, and brings needed energy to the council as they face some tough decisions in the near future. I believe he is the right person for the job.”

No one else has said publicly that they intend to run for the position.

Andrea Damewood

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