Pridemore escapes union's wrath

Pridemore escapes public employee union’s wrath

As Brad Shannon of The Olympian reported April 20, the powerful Washington Federation of State Employees plans to withhold campaign endorsements for all incumbent Democrats in the state Senate — and several House Democrats — as retribution for their support of budget cuts that will hurt state employees.

Tim Welch, spokesman for the 40,000-member union, said Senate Democrats were singled out because they pushed hardest for employee furloughs, closure of state institutions, and decreased funding for employee health care to help balance a $2.8 billion budget deficit.

State Sen. Craig Pridemore escaped the union’s wrath. That’s because the Vancouver Democrat, who is counting on strong union support this year, isn’t up for reelection to his Senate seat. Instead, he’s running for Congress. In that race, he won the federation’s endorsement.

Only 16 of 61 incumbent House Democrats will get the union’s endorsement, and the cadres of volunteers that union support can bring. Among Clark County Democrats, only Rep. Jim Moeller will get the union’s backing.

Kathie Durbin

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