Homemade jerky for dogs

Dog Duck Jerky

Most of you know about the recall on dog treats from all the major retailers of pet products. Even the ones we thought were safe are making pets sick all over the United States. Unlike people food, dog food is not USDA inspected. So many companies have been importing their products from China and elsewhere. The meat used for these treats are suspected to contain unknown toxins and may carry diseases that can be passed to our own pets. Pets have been getting sick for years, and officials have just now started to consider inspecting pet products.
I don’t feel safe feeding my dog treats that could poison them. I have been very careful to buy only products that come from plants based in the U.S. However, you do have to do your research to make sure that the meat that goes into the pet food is also safe.
Here is a recipe for homemade jerky that you can make yourself and your pets will love you for it. You will need a sharp knife to cut the meat. Jerky Dog Treats can be made in beef, chicken, turkey, duck or lamb; it just depends on what your pet likes. Keep in mind that you are not adding preservatives to the treats so they should be consumed within a week. Keep them in the refrigerator to stay fresh. They can also be frozen for up to a month if you want to stock up.
Ingredients: beef steak, chicken breast or turkey breast
Seasoning: lightly with salt, pepper or sage. No garlic as it can have toxins that may make pets sick. You do not need to use seasoning.
You will also need olive or canola oil
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees
Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with non-stick oil or brush on olive oil.
Slice meats very thin — 1/4 inch or smaller – cut with the grain of the meat.
Coat with oil – only if you want to season the jerky. Add seasonings.
Place meat slices on the baking sheet in single layer spaced evenly.
Bake in for 6 to 8 hours – turning every two 2 hours. Keep in mind that the baking times may vary depending on your oven and the size of your meat and the moisture content. Your finished product should look leathery and dry.
Let the jerky cool completely before sharing with your four legged friend. Store the leftovers in the fridge in a plastic bag. Your pet will be very happy to have a homemade treat and you can be sure they are safe to eat.

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