Trout fishing flop 10/18

I did my annual fall trout-fishing trip at Swift Reservoir last week. Normally the bite is so good that we have a rule requiring changing a lure with each fish.

It’s a way to spend more time on the way, and not get done in an hour or less. It’s also a way to test some of the junk lures that I’ve acquired — for some reason — over the years.

But last week, two of us caught just three rainbow trout and two of the landlocked coho salmon. We had another five to eight hits that did not hook up, but it was a far cry from the normal gangbusters fishing of October.

The reservoir is almost at full pool, not drawn down like normal in autumn. I don’t see why that would make the bite worse though.

I guess that’s just fishing. I didn’t feel too bad having caught two coho the day before at the mouth of the Cowlitz River trolling spinners.

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