Major Changes to Community Growth Radio for The Blind, Disabled and Veterans.


Thank you to everyone who has passed the word about this Audio/Reading Service for The Blind, Disabled, and Veterans!

CGR Radio is LOCAL and is community-minded by presenting target-specific programming for the mentioned and intended audience above, but ALL are welcome to listen in.

It is the ONLY Audio service with more than 3 streams on The West Coast, CGR Radio has a total of 4 streams by meeting the needs of our community such as News, Information, Book-Newspaper, and Magazine readings done by in-home volunteers via mp3. All streams are on all the time and are free.

An update, I and other fellow Voscast-streamers(broadcasters)are having issues with Chrome due to a bug in their system, but Voscast is trying to work out this issue and all Voscast broadcasters and players do not work properly, but the best browser is FIREFOX for some reason, I do apologize(so please make a note)and the usual firewall block in public places and such, this is normal, but the streams DO work.

CGR Radio has been on since 2012 and is one of over 30 similar services online for the intended target audience by offering as well relevant Educational and Entertainment programming.

Due to listener requests, Channel # 4 stream has changed format and this format change has not been available since 2008….not to give it away but PLEASE do tune in and I promise you, you will be very pleased.

CGR Radio is community-minded and its purpose is to serve our listeners, especially those in Clark County.

Here is the CGR Main Website and again please use the FIREFOX browser for the players to be properly playing(Thank You). Just click on the “RED” and listen to the links.

(you may have to copy and paste it into your browser).

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