CGR Radio for the blind is growing!

Community Growth Radio in Vancouver Washington/Clark County has ADDED a NEW stream(#6)per request from our Blind, Visually Impaired and Disabled Listeners…it is non commercial and NO ads and NO membership is required…and NO passwords…It is CLASSICAL MUSIC….click below for the MAIN page and how to tune in!  CGR has been on since 2012 and serving the needs of our community! PLEASE COPY AND PASTE BELOW the link into your browser! LINKS DO WORK…FIREFOX is the best way to tune in….CHROME does not work well with many streaming broadcasters due to their bug….(NOTE:)There has been a overwhelming response! from our audience…CGR 6 Classical has many titles…and going back over 500 years…and not only that it is the ONLY RRS offering classical music along with historical readings/biographies of writers/the music and composers and their lives!

CGR RADIO is on 7/24/365…and if you combine the 6 streams, 3rd party broadcasters and apps and also CGR 1 being heard via 67KHz closed circuit pre tuned FM Radios with SCA capacity(special radios)very affordable…and YES MANY RRS in the US still uses SCA technology intended for RRS because many people rely on a simple system to this day that way people in nursing homes and facilities still use it for those who are seniors, blind, and or disabled. KPBX FM and it’s various translators covering parts of WA, OR, MT, ID AND BC Canada relays CGR 1 via 67KHz and KFAE FM which covers mid WA and OR(The Gorge Area)via 67KHz, it has a potential audience of 500,000 literally…THANK YOU!!


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