Music CALL for CGR Radio for The Blind, Disabled and Veterans.

Community Growth Radio for The BLIND, DISABLED and Veterans, Vancouver Washington(locally owned)is seeking music submissions for CGR Radio 3(VetNet)and CGR#4(Willie The Legend)and Mr.Nelson knows..

CGR Radio is seeking music submissions(Mp3)format please. This music is heard on two streams out of 5 that programming is MAINLY directed and targeted for The Blind, Visually Impaired, those who cannot read or hold print and such.

CGR Radio(such as I)also music director, do listen to ALL submissions, and is seeking un signed, Indie, female, local/NW artists, solo and or bands and all music is added daily and rotated in a way that NO song should be repeated within 72 hours(there is NO specific time when a song is going to be played).

So if you know a veteran or person(s)serving, their music is welcome, CGR is not a NON profit, but programming is community focused and is financially self reliant. 

CGR has NO sponsors(DISCLAIMER); BUT operates as a self supported broadcast network with a huge audience(which includes)ALL voscast streams, 3rd party broadcasters and via TWO non commercial FM stations(which they repeat)CGR Radio via their HD channel or SCA system(needing a special receiver)these receivers are for those who may not use or not to chose internet(yes there are some people)still rely on old fashioned broadcasting, so with the respective(stations)KPBX FM and KFAE and their translators, which cover The OR/WA gorge area, parts of WA,OR,ID,MT and BC Canada.

ALL submissions must be in Mp3 format, NO  WAV please and sent via email.

ATTN: CGR Radio NO spam or soliciting anything non musical, I will respond within 2-5 business days. THANK YOU, NO phone calls please, but give me time to listen, and CGR has no formal staff, just volunteers.  

Gerald R.Gaule

Owner(sole)-PD-MD-Chief Engineer of CGR Radio Networks/N.W.A.I.S.

CGR NWAIS Radio in Vancouver Washington, is a full time audio information service for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled, and Veterans by providing News, Information, Community, Educational and Entertainment intended mainly for those above and from 54-90 with target specific programming as well offering newspaper-book and magazine readings by in home volunteers. CGR/NWAIS is a member of The I.A.A.I.S/ACB Radio, Pacifica Community Radio, PRX and other network sources.


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