UPDATE of what CGR is and the function of this very unique audio service:

I forgot the stats:


Offers programming for The Blind and such in over 40 languages.

CGR programming comes from over 6 Radio Networks such as Pacifica, IAAIS Audio Share, ACB Radio, World Radio Network and MORE!

CGR uses News/Information from over 30 Newspapers, 35 Magazines, and various related sources intended for The Blind, Disabled and Visually Impaired and over 300 Podcasts that is heard on ALL 5 Networks.


CGR offers over 10,500 Old Time Radio Shows(Public Domain) from 1929-62.

Classic Oldies: over 67,000 songs from 1950-79, including MANY album cuts/extended/releases(in MONO)A/B 45 versions.

Country Related: over 45,000 from 1927-present from many labels.

Nostalgia Music/Entertainment: from 1896-1927(that was digitized) from collected Reel To Reel, Cassette, some were transcribed from Wax Cylinder(a fellow broadcaster)had transferred them for me..NO MONEY was exchanged but for educational and historic value and release.

Radio Commercials from 1920’s to 60’s, including NW related Old Time/Historical Recordings such as Bob Hope’s visit to Fort Lewis Base, The FDR Visit while dedicating Timberline and other places in Oregon and so on…

ALL these were collected by me and digitized and stored in a proper place(another location)for safe keeping..

NOW TO CGR Radio….and what it does and how it serves our community..

About CGR..

CGR Radio is the ONLY full time on line audio radio network in the NW WITH 5 streams such as:

CGR 1 With Newspaper/Magazine and book readings, Nostalgia/OTR plus programming from various sources such as ACB Radio for the blind, Pacifica Radio(official)affiliate, The International Assn of Audio Information Services(audio share),

PRI/PRX(official)affiliate, readings from many newspapers(with permission)done by in home volunteers, and viable/community and relevant programs..

CGR 2 has Music done by Visually Impaired/Blind and Disabled Artists(MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT).

CGR 3(VetNet Radio)offering topics, conversations, lifestyle and daily issues from Finance, Health, Disability Benefits and more…programming comes from MANY program producers that are veterans…plus Entertainment/Music with programming intended for Veterans.

CGR 4 is for the 50 plus Generation(programming)from Pacifica/IAAIS and offering topics such as Lifestyle, Arts, Culture and programming NOT covered on CGR 1..

CGR 5 is the only full time network serving our Spanish Community with News, Information, Book Readings and more…west of Colorado. Programming NOT heard on any other Spanish Radio Station or stream in the NW)Very Niche programming…

Programming comes from independent program producers, several radio networks, and syndicated programmers.

CGR has been on since 2012, It started when I left OCFB Radio/Golden Hours RRS(now off the air)almost 50 years, acting as a volunteer reader, Then General Manager/Program Director/Music Director, Audio Engineer, Grant Writer, creator of Classic Car Gold Radio/Oldies Stream for OCFB Radio, Board Member, Operations and more for their 5 streams. I was with them for many years..

There are about 30 similar services for the blind and such in the US, CGR Radio is FREE, but many RRS require a doctors note to prove if you are blind or disabled in order to listen, but I believe in FREE access for all…

CGR has 5 streams(many others have 2 or more), CGR Radio is heard on MANY apps, and 3rd party broadcasters and even CGR 1 is repeated on KPBX FM(Spokane, Wa)via their 67KHz subcarrier signal(needing a SCA/FM Radio) and via 67KHz broadcasting through their FM translators located and covering parts of WA/OR/ID/MT and BC Canada.

CGR Radio is heard also via SCA 67KHz through KFAE FM in Tri-Cities covering south central Washington(gorge)area of Oregon as well.

SCA Radios are distributed FREE to nursing homes through these stations(loan)because some people do not use WIFI or the internet…that way making it very accessible…

CGR Radio has NO staff or a studio to hold volunteers, I am the sole person as GM/PD/MD and Engineer. I did have two book readers(but they passed away)programming is sourced from many programmers. CGR is NOT a non profit, nor it has sponsors, it has a low overhead and costs about 300.00 a month for operating expenses(basic).

I am disabled(not blind)plus programming is inclusive and fair and has no agendas and not censored, there is some programming such as nostalgia and old time radio that was done and recorded in another time period(30’s-60’s)at times during a old time radio show there are old commercials and from a time period that there was little PC and not meant to offend, but is presented as a time period of when radio was different, Book Readings are done by Librivox and not edited and presented in a way as the author intended..

CGR Radio offers programming in over 40 languages(read by native speakers)that way no one is left out…

MY GOAL is to hopefully make someone’s day for even a few minutes by music or book readings or such and to empower the listener. I am NOT here to compete with any other station such as KXRY or KXRW or to repeat programming offered by another station..

The station can broadcast live from an event and the broadcasting gear is self contained and no charge to non profits and FREE at public events, it takes little space.

I do have permission from several networks and sources and permission directly from several newspapers and magazines to read verbatim and to give credit to the source and author.

The studio is located in an apartment, but thanks to MANY via my AMAZON wish list equipment was provided.

MAIN page on how to listen(the VOSCAST streams do work)but firewalls in public places may block it and CHROMEBOOK has been having issues with ALL voscast broadcasters)FIREFOX browser does work..

To be honest I left OCFB Radio, when they had a chance to file for a LPFM license and being the first and only FM station on the west coast to broadcast programming for the blind(there are 2)non commercial stations in the US that is owned by a non profit offering accessible programming by regular FM radio)but they backed out and I was in charge of the project but the board members backed out and got cold feet)that is why I left honestly…

CGR 3 or 4 will bring back by demand local sports via ETV 112 and thanks to John Paul GM re broadcasting Football, Basketball and such sports from either KLOG or KUKN….this was requested to have sports…I did do RHS games but my health was not up to it…and yes I was an affiliate of The Performance Racing Network, the plans are to broadcast the NASCAR events….programming from CVTV will return…offering programming to those who may not have Comcast..

to write is ccaisradio_at_gmail dot com…THANK YOU ALL for passing the word…

MAIN link

Please copy and paste to browser…Cheers and THANKS AGAIN..



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