Live Radio broadcast from The 2023 Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair.

Community Growth Radio Vancouver Washington will be BROADCASTING Live this September 9th 2023 from The Vancouver Peace and Justice fair from 8 AM-2:30 PM, CGR Radio stream #3 VetNet Radio, this is one of 5 streams on line that operates 7/24/365.

Community Growth Radio(CGR)is the ONLY full time radio network specifically broadcasting relevant community focused broadcasting that is all inclusive and offering fair and non biased and non political broadcasting with a overall goal of serving the Blind, Visually Impaired, Veterans and 50 Plus by providing timely topics, educational and entertainment.

CGR is local and has been serving our community since 2013, and is ONE of 30 plus similar services in The US, and is the ONLY broadcaster with more than 3 streams on The West Coast.

CGR is NOT a AM, FM or Low Power Non Commercial broadcaster or owned by another broadcaster. CGR has a combined potential audience of 500,000(that includes ALL 5 streams, 3rd party broadcasters such as 2 NON COMMERCIAL FM stations in Washington State via their respective HD channels and through their FM translators serving parts of Oregon. Washington, Idaho and Montana and parts of BC Canada and carried via several apps.

CGR will be live broadcasting from Ester Short Park(location TBA)as it gets closer to September. CGR will have FREE stuff to give a way such as Music, T-Shirts, Hats, and fun swag and will participate in “The Passport To Peace” stamp program.

CGR Radio will have non biased and non political interviews but from people from all walks of life, non profits, fellow exhibitors and sponsors(sign up at the broadcast event)for a interview(an average of 5-7 Minutes)plus interviews from the attendees. The plan is to broadcast next to KXRW FM 99.9 Non-Commercial Low Power Radio located in Vancouver.

97 percent of programming from all 5 streams is NOT Duplicated, as time goes by I will add more free stuff to give a way.  CGR Radio is an Affiliate of Pacifica Radio, ACB Radio for The Blind, APR and is a member of The International Association of Audio Information Services and I thank my program providers such as programmers and in home book and magazine readers. The broadcast will be heard on stream # 3(VetNet Radio)which contains very specific programming for Blind and Disabled Veterans, I will play Oldies from 1954-79 during the broadcast.

ALL Streams DO work, but for some time Voscast Streaming and Chromebook has a “bug” issue with them bein compatible and basically each other is “pointing fingers” but on the MAIN Page scroll down for alternative streams and players. The Old Time Radio Shows and Nostalgia broadcasts and content was recorded in a time where there was literally no PC and this was a time that was more honest and direct, and during a time commercials may contain cigarette/cigar advertising(the norm then)and at times music as well, this is to preserve the past as a “Oral History lesson” of that time period from The 1920’s to 60’s when things slowly changed but to show the past.

The Main page(you may have to copy and paste the web address in your browser, and you may encounter a firewall in a public place to listen, but the BEST way to tune in is through the clickable links or alternative players…

(LEGAL Disclaimer) CGR, NWAIS, CCAISRADIO and related titles and names are copyrighted and is registered). CGR is not in any way or shape associated with J. Cohen, C. Forhan, P. Robinson, KIEV LPFM in Camas or staff, and has not since 2018 nor do they represent me in any form, THANK YOU… CGR is mainly self supported. THIS broadcast and event will be LIVE and PG language please(no time delay), and not being a PODCAST..  

(CGR Radio will have very special guests coming in for that day!)

Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

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