More programming added for radio for the blind, disabled and veterans!

CGR/NWAIS Radio Vancouver has added more programming such as sports, NASCAR and more…please take note of below of what is offered for ALL 4 streams catering to a very target specific radio audience, CGR is heard widely and that includes various apps, 3rd party broadcasters(via 2 non commercial)HD channels broadcasted by stations in Spokane Wa and Tri Cities Wa and through their FM translators covering parts of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and BC Canada.

UPDATED PROGRAMMING to all streams…and DO note of how you can tune in….THANK YOU.

(*CGR Radio 4 Music which includes, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Gospel Bluegrass, Positive Country, Sacred/Traditional/Worship and other similar offerings)between programming and such.

CGR Radio 4 Schedule(tba)but programming may be changed without notice.

CGR Programming M-F* MOODY Radio 4 AM-6 PM.


Old Time Radio Westerns 12 to 6 AM

Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio 9 AM

Faith on The Field Show with Rob Maadi 10 AM

GospelFest Hour 11 AM

Gospel Radio Favorites With Brian Crowe 12 PM

Gospel Country With Les Roberts 1 PM

Today’s Cross Country With Marty Smith 2 PM

Cowboy Corner With Red Stegall 3 PM

Veterans Radio Ministry Radio Show 4 PM(2 HOURS)

Unshackled Radio Program 6 PM

Night Sounds with Bill Pearce 9 PM

Due to many requests from our Blind, Disabled, and Veteran listeners, CGR Radio will be playing Gospel, Southern Gospel, Gospel Bluegrass, Positive Country, Sacred/Traditional/Worship, and other similar offerings. Plus CGR 4 will be playing various Bible-related programming from Moody Radio and some syndicated programming such as Red Stegall’s Cowboy Corner, etc.

Also catch Battleground HS-Prairie HS, Kelso HS and Mark Morris HS Games and Performance Racing Network at various times on CGR 4 Radio.

Community Growth Radio is an Audio/Reading Service offering programming specifically to The Blind, Visually Impaired, Those who cannot read or hold print, The Disabled, Seniors 50 plus and Veterans.

Here is the MAIN link, just click on the “Red” Boxes for each stream, THEY do work but Voscast has an issue(they are trying to fix)with Chrome, but the FIREFOX browser works the best, we are sorry for this and sometimes Public Places and such may have a firewall to block, Again we are sorry for this, I and other Voscast broadcasters are facing the same issue with Chrome.

MAIN link..

(you may have to paste and copy in your browser), thank You..

Streams 1 and 2 have not changed, but VetNet # 3 is all news, information and such for Veterans. CGR Radio/NWAIS and related names are trademarked and registered with Washington Department(DOL)and The IRS, and it is NOT a non-profit. CGR is mainly self supportive and has NO formal sponsors, The names and such is owned by Gerald Gaule since 2012, and NOTE: C.Forhan, J.Cohen, does not represent the station or CGR in any manor or acts on the behalf of me or CGR/NWAIS Radio, CCAIS Radio, Gaule Broadcasting is owned by me(disclaimer). I am no longer associated with 102.7 FM in Camas since 2018. CGR Radio belongs to The IAAIS, ACB Radio, Pacifica Radio, Moody Radio, PRN Radio as an a station affiliate. 

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