A community minder broadcaster that is relevant, reliable and responsible to our listeners.

Some additional notes: The intended audience normally for Audio/Radio Reading services are those who are blind, visually impaired, those who cannot read or hold printed material, and those who rely on information-news-community-book and or magazine readings. Programming includes education and entertainment.

Programming comes from many sources such as program producers, I.A.A.I.S(The International Association of Audio Information Services)via Program Share, Pacifica Radio and Pacifica Archives, APR/PRX, and 20 plus networks.

This network of 3 streams is free and does not require a note from a medical provider in order to qualify to listen programming(some services still do). There are about 30 similar services in The United States.

Other content includes programming for intended audiences such as news, book-magazine-newspaper read by in-home volunteers in over 40 languages. This network does include nostalgia-old time radio shows that contain original commercials(pre-political correctness)or language of that time such as Cigarette commercials and other ads of that time period when they were socially acceptable.

This network does NOT edit, or erase content but merely showcases programming of that period to preserve the past for historical value and education and not to shock or offend, there may be some similar content in nostalgic music of that time and period that was different but to preserve the past as “oral history” only.

Mind you it was from the past and we do NOT edit books or reading material such as book classics and are Public Domain. The intention is to educate about its programming value, including current programming.

The music includes Nostalgia going back to 1897(the beginning of recorded music)both in acoustical and electronic such as Cylinder Wax, 78 RPM, and other formats of that time and has been “cleaned up” in the best way in order to enjoy and to comply for DCMA rules and Public Domain recordings.

There are over 5,100 audio nostalgic files and over 11,000 Old Time Radio Shows from 1929 to 1962. At times you may hear Public Domain Classical Music recordings(3,000). Also offered in Oldies formatted music from 1954-79(over 68,000)titles from Top 40/Hot 100 and other charts.

This network does offer over 48,000 songs from AAA(Acoustical Country)to Western Swing and 20 sub-genres going back to the roots of country from 1920 to today(literally). This includes Local, UN-signed, indie music from solo artists and bands, but the goal is to have a large selection of female artists or artists that are not played much by mainstream radio.

No music was bought or there was no exchange of money from the artists, labels, talent agencies, or music promoters and used with permission from the above mentioned, this network provides programming that is inclusive for all in fairness and exposed to the audience programming that is Fair-Diverse and inclusive and by having the goal to serve all in the community.

A majority of programming heard on all 3 streams is not duplicated by any other Low Power, Non-Commercial, AM-FM, or streaming service in our area. Nor to step on or compete with any other non-commercial, community-based, or commercial radio or streaming outlet in our area.

The intention is to offer an alternative or choice in programming.

CGR/NWAIS is a legally recognized service as an Audio/Radio Reading Service that serves an intended target specific audience..Similar services are relevant to this day.

Note: CGR 2 does brand as “Willie The Legend” and has permission to do so AND he does know about the use and the radio service. CGR Radio is known for breaking in or exposing artists that were the first outlet in The NW to play music such as IE; The Ebony Hillbillies, Randy Jack, and many others.

CGR/NWAIS/CCAIS is local and is owned by related titles and names are owned by me Gerald R. Gaule and no one else the names as such are copyrighted. This station is not owned or has been since 2013 by no other or persons mentioned in previous posts do not own or represent CGR/NWAIS and(legal disclaimer)did not give permission to any other person to act on behalf of me and the radio network. CGR does comply with DCMA rules and I am also a public domain agent. The goal of this station has the intention to be “a good neighbor” broadcaster.

I do own a collection of programming such as music and nostalgia and old-time radio shows that are used for all stations and are properly restored for better audio and historic methods that were used many years ago. I do not own or claim ownership of works that is heard on this network. This network has been on since 2013.


Station/Personal(legal)disclaimer, I, this station, CGR, NWAIS, CCAIS, and titles have no further association with J. Cohen, C. Forhan, P. Robinson, KIEV LPFM(and staff)since 2018 and they do not represent me or act upon my behalf(legal)disclaimer.

CGR/NWAIS is NOT a non-profit nor claims to be nor ever was, but is a non-commercial broadcaster but some programming does have some ad sponsor mentions(from programs)that are from other sources.

This network has in-home volunteer readers(non-paid)and this network is the ONLY full-time service in The NW. This network is mainly self-supported but does have free will non-tax deductible donations at times to help with the basic operational bills.

All ads/sponsor mentions are done in a 100 percent trade(barter), but do have a business license to operate in The State of Washington, and are registered(DBA)Northwest Audio Information Service(in case of sponsorship).

CGR can broadcast from a public event, or community-based event at NO charge or is free to all and the station is self-contained and with a two-week notice to do so and the requirements to broadcast live for the event.

PROGRAM Note: ALL streams do work(via Voscast)but their servers may have maintenance, but the streams DO work(but a firewall in a public place)may affect the streams, ALL 3 streams are on 7/24/365. CGR streams are on several apps such as NOBEX, i Blink App for The Blind and Visually Impaired, SCA Radios that are closed-circuit kHz re tuned radios on two Non-Commercial FM stations in The NW(this SCA technology)is still in use by other Audio Services…

The service located in Spokane Washington repeats CGR 1 through the main FM station and their translators and the translators cover parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and parts of B.C. Canada and each translator owned by The Spokane Non-Commercial FM and The Tri-Cities Washington have a large reception range.

SCA use is mainly found in nursing and retirement communities for those who may not use or get cable and is given out free for those who request an SCA Radio from the respective outlet. There is NO SCA use in our area. The stations use kHz.

62% of those who are Visually Impaired, Blind, and or Disabled in The Metro Area listen to CGR Radio from the listen Voscast player site, and the main audience from age 54-90 uses CGR for a community connection and do listen to the service that is community connected and relevant for current topics affecting the intended audience, and CGR 3-VetNet is the ONLY service dedicated to the intended audience in The NW.

CGR is not here to compete with ANY other broadcast outlet or LPFM station such as KXRW/KXRW, KIEV LPFM in Camas, or the 6 country formatted broadcaster that can be heard in our area, or any other foreign languaged based station such as Russian/Slavic or Spanish speaking broadcaster nor to encroach or take away a listener.


CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming


CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming 


CGR 3-VetNet Radio for Blind, Visually Impaired, and or Disabled Veterans.


(you may have to copy the above listen links and paste them in your browser). The Listen links do work but may be blocked by a firewall in public places. I thank Susan Galaviz from KXRW, Wayne Roche for KOUV Radio, and Jenny Brown from The Royal Oaks Country Club, Vancouver Washington for the partnership in order to keep this service on. I also thank The Columbian and the readers. For contact via e-mail ccaisradio_at_gmail dot com.

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