I’ve written quite a bit about the bread and wine part of the trio I mention in the blog name. Now it’s time to give the third part some mention. Candles.

candles and rose petals

The light from a candle is something special. It must be, otherwise why would we use candles in worship, in ceremonies, to mark special occasions? They create an atmosphere of mystery and romance an aura that is magic. Maybe it’s because on some level we humans have never forgotten our long ago past when fire and candlelight were all we had to keep the dark away. Or maybe it’s because the light from a candle warms the skin of the person you’re with and picks out highlights in her hair or the flecks of gold in his eyes.

Whatever it is, candles on the table can make even the simplest of meals seem special. Try it this weekend. With all the cold and wintry weather we’ve been having, a simple supper of soup, good bread and a glass of wine served at a table for two with candles in the center may be just what you need to fight the chill. I’ll make some suggestions on Friday–until then, tell me, what’s your favorite time to for candlelight?


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