Sunday is, of course, Father’s Day. So this week I’m ditching the romance of cooking all things chocolate and playing Andrea Bocelli music while you eat. If you are honoring a father in your family, the most romantic thing you can do is feed him the food he wants. If that’s at home, it’s usually steak, right? And he grills it.

This year do something different. Take him out to a restaurant. There are more in the ‘couve than many people know about. Is he a foodie? Try Lapellah located off Highway 14 near the Grand Central Fred Meyer. Or its sister restaurant, Roots in east county on SE 34th Street.  For the view, try Beaches or McMenamin’s on the Columbia. Both the downtown Hilton and Skamania Lodge near Van Mall have good restaurants.

But if he’s like a lot of the guys I know, the place that’ll win his heart is one of the two Main Event Sports Grill. (One is on Main Street downtown, the other in east county on 164th.) Either one is informal enough to accommodate kids, but has enough flat screen TVs with sports events playing during the hours the place is open to please a sports nut.

The best part is the food is really good. Oh, there’s the obligatory entries of sliders and wings and a list of sandwiches. But it also has truffle fries, hummus and caprese sticks on the menu along with a selection of pasta dishes and a nice variety of beef, fish and chicken entrees. They also have an outstanding happy hour.

So, make the day easy on yourself and pleasant for him. Romance doesn’t always come with candles. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing something nice for the one you care for.

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