You Can’t Hurry Love But You Can Hurry Dessert

This has been a week crammed full of things related to my newest book release so I am in the mood for quick and easy this weekend. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on romance. Besides, it’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend–I can’t even remember the last Grand Floral Parade when you could watch it without wearing down coats and fleece hats, can you? And who wants to spend all your time in the kitchen when you can be outside enjoying the weather.

Anyway, here’s what I’m proposing for all you Rose Festival romantics. After you see the parade, hang out on the waterfront taking in the rides–nothing better than holding on tight to someone you care for when you’re several stories up in the air and about to hurtle down. Of course, you’ll have to eat elephant ears and cotton candy–feeding each other sticky sugary pink stuff is also kinda sexy–or whatever other carnival food you like.

The romance really arrives when you get home. You’ll have already gone to the grocery store and found ripe local berries. I prefer organics because I have read one too many times about how strawberries are on the list of fruits it’s important to eat from organic growers.

Anyway, it’s easy to tell when strawberries are ripe–they smell like a little bit of fruit heaven. (My father again.) Select a container of medium to large berries, and rinse them when you get them home. Pick through the container and discard any berries with soft spots or yucky stuff on them. Leave the green hull attached.

On a pretty plate arrange the strawberries, a small dish of brown sugar and another small dish of vanilla yoghurt. Refrigerate while you have fun at the Rose Festival.

When you get home, bring out the plate, light a couple candles, and snuggle with your sweetie. Pick up the biggest strawberry on the plate, dip it into the yoghurt so there’s just a little bit on the strawberry (enough to hold the sugar in place), dip into the brown sugar and then feed it to whoever you’re snuggling with. Then you get to be the one who gets fed. One bite. Two bites. Strawberry juice turning lips red. How many strawberries do you think it’ll take to get a kiss?


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