The Animials, They Are a Changin’

If you only attend the Fair once or twice per year (I can’t imagine), you may not realize that there are two sets of animals over the course of the ten days. There is a lot of activity the day that the animals switch over… and that day is today!

So if you want to see the first set of animals, best to get yourself to the Fair today. Many of the animals start being released around 5:00pm, so the sooner the better.

Here’s what’s leaving today:

— 4-H/FFA Llamas, Dairy Goats, Pygmy Goats, and Poultry

— Open Class Pigeons, Beef, Dairy Cattle, Pygmy Goats, Sheep, and Rabbits

Here’s what’s coming next:

— 4-H/FFA Market Steers, Rabbits, Market Swines, Cavies, Pigeons, and Dairy Cattle

— Open Class Dairy Goats, Boer Goats, Poultry, Dairy Cattle, and Llamas

— JLA Steers, Hogs, Poultry, Goats, and Sheep

The cats left last night and dogs are taking their place. There are also horse shows happening pretty much every day in the Giesy Horse Arena.

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