Calling all Mutton Busters!

I don’t have children. If I had known about mutton bustin’ at the time, I might have reconsidered. Little kids riding sheep à la bull riding? How fun is that?!?

Since I don’t have any busters of my own to submit, I actively try to convince friends who have appropriately sized and tempered offspring to enter theirs. I LOVE having someone I know to whoop and holler (louder) for. Right now it looks like I’ve got at least two to root for tomorrow. WHOO HOO!

The big event is Tuesday, August 7. The first bustin’ show is at 2:00pm. The top ten riders then get to compete again during the Bull Riding show that starts at 6:30pm. Registration is tomorrow between 12:00pm and 1:30pm.

Got a kid you want to enter? Here’s more info!

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