Ways to Beat the Heat at the Fair Today

Today is going to be a hot one! The forecast says it is going to be 97 today. Yikes! It was already 80 degrees at 9:30am at my home north of the Fairgrounds. If you are planning to head to the Fair today (I am!), here are some tips for beating the heat:

Drink lots of water. Bring your own bottle and refill it at the numerous water fountains throughout the Fairgrounds (I seem to hit the one across from the Dairy Wives barn most often). You can also get free water from the Clark Public Utilities booth inside the Events Center.

Hang out in the Events Center. It is air conditioned! Today is a great day to linger at all the vendor booths, listen to some sales pitches, climb an indoor rock wall, and admire all the quilts, photos, art work, sewing projects, flowers, and other 4-H and Open Class exhibits.

Join the kids in the sprinklers. On really hot days like today, the fine Fair Folks set up a walk-thru mister of cool water. While it might be intended for kids, that has never stopped me from strolling thru very slowly. You can find the mister on the large walkway (Main Midway) between the Events Center and the Food Court.

Enjoy lots of Hawaiian Shaved Ices. There are two locations — one near the Grandstand entrance and one near the horse arena. Although I am partial to lime shaved ices, last year I tried cinnamon and was quite pleased. If you like Red Hot candy, you’ll like the icy version. I also noticed yesterday that a “healthy options” food booth near the Church Ladies Pie booth was advertising “tie dye shaved ice.” Presumably a shaved ice with a number of flavors, I might give it a try today for comparison.

Bring a bandana and keep it wet. I plan to check out the Flying Monkeys in the horse arena this afternoon. I love the events in the horse arena but man, the spectator accommodations desperately need help! The bleachers are awkwardly tall, hard to navigate, and very uncomfortable. Worse, there is hardly any air circulation around the bleachers making it a pretty miserable place to be on a hot day. So, I am hoping that keeping a cold wet bandana on my neck will allow me to endure the conditions and enjoy finding out what a Flying Monkey really is.

Keep in mind there is a First Aid station across from the Llama Greenway if the heat really starts getting to you. For a lesser emergency, like the need for an OTC medication or sunscreen, there is a small trailer just east of the Food Court near the “Jest in Time” tent. With the Slush Puppy stand right next door, it is almost like having a 7-Eleven at the Fair! The trailer sells basic medications (including antacids; I carry my own), sunscreen, aloe, and really good candy. Sadly this year, no more Nerd Rope. Boo!

Stay cool!


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