Hot is Good!

As I posted while at the Fair today, today’s heat actually made it an unexpectedly great day to be at the Fair. There were no crowds, no lines, no waiting. We got an awesome parking spot and were able to leisurely stroll everywhere we went without having to weave through people or dodge strollers. We didn’t have to wait in line for any food, including the icy slushy ones, and below is the picture of the milkshake line at the Dairy Wives Barn at about 3:00. Today’s flavor was a most delicious cherry chocolate. I would have waited 30 minutes for that delectable milkshake but the 15 seconds was nice, too.


Naturally, the most popular spot at the Fair today was the Events Center. Its air conditioning lured most everyone in eventually. We slowly browsed the vendors, deciding to spend tomorrow’s heat taking in the 4-H and Open Class exhibits on the other side of the Center.

It was pretty easy to get through the aisles today and chat with the vendors if we wanted to (I resisted a $75 pillow and a solar-powered spotlight for a flagpole I don’t have. Both really nice sales guys, though.). One booth, though, was a mad house. The two women working the Clark Public Utilities booth were filling cups with free ice water as fast as they could. Due to health codes that I’m sure make sense to someone, the women were not allowed to fill people’s bottles directly nor were they allowed to use the CPU cups more than once. So I guiltily threw away two empty cups in order to fill my large water bottle. For a Fair that is trying to be “green,” the trashcan overflowing with cups used once to transfer water from a dispenser to a bottle seemed a bit…contradictory? The women agreed but rules are rules.

I have been finding that the FANFARE Daily Schedule isn’t totally reliable. Things change when working with kids and animals! Assuming things don’t change too much, Sunday I am particularly looking forward to:

— The Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troupe (really big horses…dancing??). Shows at 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

— The Silver Stars Square Dance Club (my grandparents used to be big-time square dancers; I’m hoping that’s about the age of the dancers tomorrow. Seeing older folks dance is very heartwarming.). Show at 2:00pm.

— The Texaco Country Showdown Washington State Finals in the Amphitheater (I’m not really a country music fan but I am curious about seeing a concert in the Amphitheater. Since it is FREE, I can beg out for a snack if it turns out to not be my thing). Show at 7:30pm.

See ya tomorrow!

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